Terms and conditions

1. All prices are ex. VAT.
2.When entering into an agreement, the customer must send a completed mapping form and any other necessary content and information
3. Work on the solution begins when the first payment for production has been received.
4. The deadline for submitting the mapping form and feedback on work is 14 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
5. If deadlines stated in the terms of the agreement are not met, the agreement can be invoiced in its entirety. That is production and operating agreement for 12 months.
6. The customer is entitled to up to 3 cover drafts. If the first/second draft is not approved, the customer must provide reasons for why the draft was not approved and provide a detailed description, as well as show examples of what the customer wants.
7. If the customer changes his mind about work that has previously been approved, additional costs of NOK 750, for example, will be incurred. VAT/hour for these changes. Grunderbox must inform about additional costs and the customer must give written confirmation before work on previously approved work begins.
8. The customer can request changes to the service after entering into this agreement. If the customer requests changes, Grunderbox AS will, to the best of its ability, investigate how the changes can be made without additional costs and/or delay in delivery. If a requested change will entail additional costs and/or delayed delivery, Grunderbox AS will inform about this before changes are implemented. Changes that entail additional costs and/or delayed delivery must be confirmed in writing by the customer in advance.
9. Software that must be purchased from a third party or coded from scratch is not included in the price.
10. Upon entering into an agreement, production is invoiced. When the website has been approved by the customer and launched, operation is invoiced.
11. The operating agreement is automatically renewed at the end of the current agreement. Automatic renewal of the operating agreement can be terminated at any time.
12. The operating agreement must be terminated no later than 14 days before the end of the agreement period.
13. After Gründerbox has first notified in writing that the Solution has been delivered, the Customer must check whether there is a defect in the Solution. Any defects must be notified in writing to Gründerbox within 14 days with a specified indication of the defects that are considered to exist. If it is not reported within the deadline, the Solution is considered approved and all claims regarding any defects are considered waived in their entirety.
14. Gründerbox can use the solution in its marketing towards new and existing customers.
15. As the customer has an operating agreement, the operating cost can be adjusted annually in line with the change in the consumer price index.

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